Commercial Solutions

Install an Intrusion system. We can help you secure your establishment by providing early intruder detection and notifications to you as an owner and local authorities as well. False alarms due to improperly installed systems are a major hindrance to our local authorities and their ability to respond. We are committed to false alarm prevention and want to work with you as a business owner and our local authorities to enable timely appropriate respnse times when it needs to occur.

Install a Video Surveillance System. We can provide a video solution that will enable identification of intruders. We are trained in providing video records for the Local Authorities. We understand privacy concerns and can work with you to establish a standard that will enable you to secure your property and gain respect from employess who desire their workplace to remain protected. We can enable remote viewing from several devices allowing you to check in on your investment.

Integration. We can create a time-synchronized interface linking receipt data together with corresponding video, extending monitoring capabilities with actual cash register data. Video surveillance can also provide shop owners with reliable video evidence in the event of an incident. We can also automate email alerts to notify you of abnormal activities in your business. Loss through shrinkage, fraud, clerical errors, or shoplifting can be identified.