Our Story

Having worked for many years with a large Integrator, we were constantly faced with challenges that were outside of the box. Every customer always had a unique challenges that their company, or organization faced. We embraced that challenge and that is why I could even say as I resigned that position. "There never was a day were I did not love my work".

We would love to hear of a challenge that you face, whether you are a homeowner or a CEO of a large company.

Improve productivity in the workplace by automating your system. Instantly power lights on or off, control access gates, and monitor or set temperatures for any time of the day, right from wherever you are!

Our systems also accept external inputs, such as door contacts and trigger controls, to alert you of any unauthorized visitors via email or text, with real-time updates.

Thermal Imaging Cameras, or Megapixel PTZ cameras together with Advanced Video Management Software may also be the best solution for your site.

Here are some of the projects I was involved with recently as a Security Technician:

International Airport Security

Feb-Mar 2016

Advanced Intrusion System for a 911 call centre

January 2016

Financial Security 2010-2016

Installed/Maintained ULC Intrusion

Colleges 2009-2016

Video Solutions, Access Control, Wireless Systems, Networking, Fiber Optic Cable Systems


RCMP Buildings, Couthouses, Provincial Buildings


Video systems, Card Acces, Gate Control Integration

City Security 2010-2016

Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion

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