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Support Made Simple

Issues with your system? Support is only a call or click away! Whether certain features are not working properly or you have a complete crash, our support resource is for you.

Remote Assistance:

Remote assistance is our fastest, most convenient support solution that we offer. Whether you are a homeowner or director of a large corporation, we will assist you in a prompt, professional manner. Simply allow us to connect to and view your desktop, access the information that is core to the issue, and resolve the issue without invading your privacy. Your time is valuable, so this service is ideal for resolving issues quickly, without having to wait for a technician to travel to you.

Types of issues ideal for Remote Assistance:

  • Software issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • System errors
  • Other various non-physical troubles

Show us the problem

    Have you ever tried to describe what you are looking at on a screen when a technician is trying to help you over the phone? Have you ever had trouble taking and sending pictures that will help a technician? We can now make support much simpler!

  • Follow the instructions given by one of our technicians to set up a session.
  • Use your smartphone’s camera to enable us to see exactly what you’re seeing!

For issues involving physical damage, tampering, part replacement or by request, we will send a technician to you.

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