Video Surveillance: Security and Productivity


Today’s agriculture requires a heavy investment on equipment, shops, fuel depots, and chemical sheds that can all be tampered with. We provide and expertly install high resolution video cameras strategically located to protect your farm site. A fixed high resolution camera can offer accurate motion detection, quick incident identification, and superior analytics. We may recommend a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras to provide sharp images, maximizing situational awareness over a large area, yet enabling detailed image capture. This camera zooms in on critical details such as faces or license plates. Capital intensive locations such as pesticide warehouses, fuel depots, or even your own home can be constantly monitored. This unique technology enables you to watch your farm from your smart phone or tablet while at the lake or on the golf course in Arizona!

We can include solutions for immediate call-out for fire, intrusion, low temperature, flood, and basement water fault signals. Your insurance provider will often reward your vigilance with reduced premiums, and you will be rewarded with increased peace of mind. Our systems may alleviate the insurance provider requirement to have regularized on-site walk-throughs by friends or neighbors while you are gone. Contact your insurance provider and you may well find that your reduced premiums pay for your security system.

Keeping an Eye on Your Livestock

There is no substitute for constant surveillance! Whether you need to monitor the calving pens, or keep a visual on the diary, broiler or hog barns, we can find a solution to suit you. We have systems that can be installed to operate under adverse weather conditions, that give you immediate command of your investments.

We would love to sit down over a coffee and customize a system that would meet your needs and your budget!

By Uberprutser - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,